Electronics & Communication Engineering | Evolution and its scope 1 Behind History

Electronics & Communication Engineering | Evolution and its scope

Electronics & Communication Engineering

My Opinion about B.E.

Many of my friends have completed B.E (Electronics & Communication), they would joined the college with great dreams regarding there career.  The unbelievable truth is dream comes true only for few. Let’s take a closer look on this.

First thing you all need to understand is school life is different from college.  You may the best student in your school, if you wish to be the same in your college than you need to work hard. Only 5℅ of student gets job on what they study, 10℅ on similar jobs, 20℅ on a decent job. Rest of them may be in a irrelevant job to there study in order to survive. This is a overall outline of this.

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This is a short story of a person who chosen to persue B.E (Electronics & Communication). He was a good obedient student in his school days, after getting a good score. He has decided to join the above mentioned course in unrecognized or unfamiliar college. At the end of 4 year he has passed out with 70℅ marks with no job.

He started searching for a job and waited too long. Finally he has lost his hope and came to know that he will never get a job in engineering field. Then he joined a small organization to run his life and survive in this costly world.

He would have done any graduation or without graduation he would have got the job. I’m sharing this because you have to go in a correct track after you school. The step you take after it will decide you rest of the life. Below are few points to remember:

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  • Choose the right course.
  • Make sure whether you can study and survive in course you choose.
  • Don’t study on compulsion.
  • Choose the right college, inquire about the campus opportunities.
  • Your ultimate goal should be getting a placement in the campus op opportunities provided be the institution.

If you follow the above key points you will be successful in your career.  You can contact us if you need help as we can help you better.


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