10 Types of Indian Marital Arts | A Glance 1 Behind History

10 Types of Indian Marital Arts | A Glance

Martial Arts

Below are the list of martial arts practiced in the different states of India.

Tamil Nadu

Silambam is the native martial art form of Tamil N adu, named after the bamboo staff that is used as & weapon. However, swords, daggers and animal horns are also used.

Andhra Pradesh

Talimkhana or Talim as it is popularly known, dates back to the times of the Vijaynagara empire. Knives, swords and staff are part of the weaponry used in this style of fighting.


‘Pari-khanda’ is a form of üghting that originated among Rajputs and is practised in many parts of Bihar. even today. A sword and shield are used for fighting. ‘Pari-khanda’ is practised in parts of Jharkhand and Odisha.

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Sqay is the name given to the Kashmiri form of fighting with swords. Certain attributes of karate and taekwondo have been absorbed into this art form. In contests, points are awarded for hits With the foot or sword.


When a sword and spear are in use, the Manipuri art of huyen lalong is called thangta. It was in use by’ the bill tribes and followed strict rules. The unarmed version of this form of fighting is called sarit-sarak.


The art of tighting from Kerala is called Kalaripayuttu. While there is training and practice in unarmed oombat, a staff, stick, sword, shield and spear are commonly used in armed fight.


Mardani khel is the fighting style developed by the Marathas using the hilly terrain of the region to their advantage. Weapons used here are deer horn, the how and arrow as well as awards.


Gatka or the martial art of Punjab is closer associated with Sikh history. Over the years, Gatka has incorporated several art forms to create its own style in terms of weapons, rules and strategies.

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While most instances of this art form are only seen at festive occasions, variations include training to fight With staffs, swords or just barehanded.


Their art form can be traced to the Paika, & warrior community, which used a double-edged straight sword. This martial art is regularly demonstrated at street performances and festivals.

These are the few types of martial arts practiced in different states of India. We will go through each and every martial arts in detail in the future post. Thanks for reading.

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