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History is a interesting study which is now a days hated by most of us. Each and every thing has its own history, not only things even each and every human being in this planet has there own history. Therefore, we have elaborated it in our ways which will be easy to understand and adore it. When you at our site then you should have understood its abbreviation for “BE” which will make you to easily understand what this site is about.

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Many of us doesn’t know our own history, everyone know there father’s name and grand father’s name. How many of you know your great grand father’s name, great great grand father’s name and your great-great-great grand parents? Who are they? What they were doing? Many of us think that this is totally an unnecessary topics but it is not.

All the humans will have the genetic habits, behavior etc which would have come from your grand parents. Learning our own history is not a mandatory study but it is good learn who you are?

Here you can learn how things came into existence? The hard work and sacrifice from the inventors behind the modern things and equipment. There are many things for which we do not know the effort that took place while creating/making/manufacturing it.  We have done a quite bit research on this and sharing the knowledge which we have gained.

Lets say a “safety pin”!

Everyone will be using a safety pin in our day to day life.  Does anyone knows how it came from? Off-course you can browse for the answers and there will be several answers over the internet.   You can find the answer that Walter Hunt invented it on 1849 and has sold the patent to a company for $400. However, a book states that safety pins were used by ancient people who lived in 11th or 12th century. This are displayed in few museums as well.

Here you can study the complete history about everything and incident that happened. Also, you can share your history.

However, we are not going to bore you by sharing all the historic topics.  You can also check out latest news, movie reviews and entertainment stuff etc.

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