Emilie Sagee - Strange Case of the Doppelganger in History

Emilie Sagee – Strange Case of the Doppelganger in History

Emilie Sagee – Strange Case of the Doppelganger in History

The term ‘doppelganger’ is these days utilized by individuals in their ordinary language to allude to two individuals who appear to be comparable, however that is an abuse of the word in some sense. In the right definition, a doppelganger alludes to a nebulous vision or a twofold walker of a living individual. It isn’t simply somebody who appears as though another person, yet an impression of that individual. A ghostly duplicate.

Emilie Sagee was a teacher or she was two teachers. But she didn’t take the exam twice, Emilie 1 was born in Dijon, France in 1813 and her story comes to us from a book called Footfalls of the Boundary of Another World, by Robert Dale-Owen, published in 1860. According to Dale-Owen, he learned of the strange story of Emilie Sagee from Julie von Guldenstubbe, the daughter of Baron von Guldenstubbe, who had been a school child at a boarding school called Pensionat von Neuwelcke in present day Latvia in 1845. It was in this year that Julie became friendly with Emilie, who had recently joined the school as a teacher.

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Apparently the 32 years old educator was splendid, drawing in and famous with students and partners the same. It was astonishing in this manner, that in the sixteen years that she had been in in this teaching field, Emilie had worked at eighteen different schools or institution. However, the reason behind her fast turnover of bosses didn’t take long to introduce itself. While teaching a class of 17 students, Emilie had her back to the understudies, writing on the board when, to the articulate horror of her mindful charges, a duplicate Emilie out of nowhere showed up close to the teacher, mimicking her developments.

At the point when the teacher giving the class expected to leave the space for a couple of moments, Emilie walked and sat down, as though assuming control over management in the embroidery teacher’s absence. The horrible thing was, the students before long understood that she was likewise still outside planting. Frightening as the nebulous vision of Emilie 2 probably been, a couple of young ladies gallantly moved toward the phantom and one even contacted it, noticing that her hand went through it with just a negligible web like obstruction.

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Most commonly however, Emilie 2 would appear next to Emilie 1 imitating her movements, such as when eating or teaching her class. On one occasion Emilie was helping a pupil with a costume she wanted to wear to an event. When the student glanced down to see how Emilie was getting on with the adjustments, she was stunned to find two Emilies working on the dress. She promptly passed out from shock.

Apparently poor Emilie had no explanation for her doppelganger. She never saw it herself and had no control over it. People noted that whenever her twin put in an appearance, the real Emilie looked pale and lethargic. As soon as the apparition vanished however, she immediately returned to normal. It seemed as though her double needed to sap her energy in order to be able to manifest itself.

Unfortunately for her, students found the ghostly twin so upsetting, that many parents started to remove their children from the school. As a consequence the principal had little option but to terminate Emilie’s contract of employment. Thus ended Emilie’s nineteenth assignment in less than seventeen years. Sadly, as the source of story; Julie von Guldenstubbe thereafter had no further contact with her former teacher, we have no idea of what became of Emilie Sagee and her unwanted sidekick.

So what are we to make of this strange and perplexing tale? The easiest explanation is simply that it isn’t true, and was a work of fiction made up by either Julie von Guldenstubbe or Robert Dale-Owen. Owing to the passage of almost two hundred years, we are unlikely to ever know for certain one way or the other.

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However, history does seem to be littered with sober minded individuals who claim to have encountered doppelgangers. A duplicate of Catherine The Great, Empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796, was seen by numerous people entering her throne room, even though the real Catherine was lying in bed at the time. Elizabeth I, Queen of England from 1558 to 1603, discovered a corpse like version of herself, apparently lying in state, upon entering her chambers.

A few days later the Queen was dead. Poet Percy Shelley encountered his doppelganger on two occasions, and during one encounter it even spoke to him asking “How long do you mean to be content?” But perhaps the most notorious encounter with a spectral double occured to Abraham Lincoln, who, when glancing at a mirror saw two images of himself; the normal one and a paler more deathly reflection. He told his wife who thought it a bad omen. We all know what happened next.

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On the off chance that you are slanted to accept any of this whatsoever, an interesting chance concerning what may have been occuring comes to us from Emilie herself, who is accounted for to have said that during the occurrence that occured while she was cultivating, she was unexpectedly overwhelmed with a desire to go inside to the study hall to administer the youngsters. Could her simple want to be in somewhere else have been adequate to extend a picture of herself to that very place? In spite of the fact that, as Emilie professed to have no influence over her phantom twofold, this appears to be improbable.

On the other hand, may quantum material science offer a clarification to the doppelganger wonder? Quantum material science, or quantum mechanics as it is some of the time alluded to, is the investigation of nature at nuclear and subatomic levels, and recommends the chance of numerous measurements. Might a form of Emilie from an equal universe have at times violated the dimensional shroud and accidentally given those stunned understudies a brief look at herself in another presence?

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