About Sharing Your History

BeHist.com ( Behind History ) welcomes you all to share your history. We are in a motive to publish everyone’s history over the Internet. After entering this page you may barely understand what this page is about and immediately, then arises you will get 2 question. The questions are:

  1. What is Share your History?
  2. Why should I share my History?

What do you mean by “Share your History”?

Every person, business, organization etc., will have a history. You can share your history here easily by answering a few questions. It is not possible for everyone to share there own history by creating a website or social media.

There should be a standard page in the Internet to display your incredible history. In this platform a common man or a small business or any one can share there history. We will be happy to publish your history over the Internet.

Why Should I Share my History?

There are multiple benefits for you in sharing your history. There are few platform over the Internet that publishes the history of the well settled achieved people. What about the developing people and businesses? Below are the benefits of sharing your history with example:

  • Use your page url in your social media profile

    If you are a Author, Journalist, business man when people search for you over the Internet the will get books written by author, news published by a journalist but we will never get the history of the author and the journalist.

  • If you are running a small business let’s take a play school or a small business. When people search over the Internet to check your business history is the only thing that is going to bring the customers to your business.

How to get verified in twitter:

There are too many platforms the publish the history of leading actors and actresses. What about junior artistes, TV host, radio/video jockey. We hope you understand what this page is about and what is history sharing? And its completely free for publishing your history. Here is the link for verifying your twitter account that is to get a badge for your profile.

When you click the link you can see twitter asks for atleast two website where it can find about you. In one field you can enter our url that has information about you or your business.

The page about your business may be useful for getting your business page verified. As of know Facebook does not allow its user to request for a badge. However, they’re doing it automatically.

This the platform were you can have your history or auto-biography published for Free.

Please click the below button to share your history.

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