3 Ways to Make TV as Your Friend | Tips for Students & Parents

Make TV your friends!

Students in our state watch TV on an average of 3-5 hours every day. Teachers and parents are concerned about the possible effects of excessive television viewing on children.

There is reason for such concern. Studies show that extensive television viewing is associated with impolite behavior, poor academic performance, obesity etc. Television is called an IDIOT B0X because of the negative role it plays.

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But the interesting fact is that you can make television your friend. Of course, television is one of the most exciting scientific innovations.

Tips for those who want to make TV their friend:

1. Set Limits

Establish good viewing habits. Limit your viewing to an average of 1 hour a day. On exam seasons you should prefer complete black outs of TV.

2. Choose the programs to watch

80 percent of the TV programs today are nothing but garbage. Choose the right programs and watch. Animal and plant shows, selected cartoon pictures and chosen debates can improve your knowledge and language skills. Television should be turned on only for specific programs; it should be turned off when they are over.

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3. Get the help of your parents

Some parents may be accustomed to excessive serial or cinema vlewing. Such parents should refrain from doing so and set themselves as role models to their children.

Excessive TV watching affects not only your academic growth but also your health and alertness in school. So, put a full stop to excessive TV watching. Make TV Your friend by watching only the selected and useful programs.

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