7 Daily Use Items Harm Us We Need to Skip

7 Daily Use Items Harm Us We Need to Skip

Few things we use in our daily lives that are harmful to environment. Experts lists seven, you need to consider replacing right away. Below are the seven items and there replacements:

Hand Wash – Many hand wash brands contain the chemical tricolosan which can lead to serious health condition. The chemical is resilient and can survive water treatment – it can reach the ocean and destroy bacteria that form base of the food chain.

Alternative – Choose safe soaps that don’t contain tricoloson, triclocarbon or fragrances. Sanitisers are better then those active ingredients. You can even opt for natural soaps.

Tooth Paste – Some of the brands contains plastic microbeads, a leading contributor to the huge amounts of plastic that enter the ocean every year. In the long run, this effects wildlife and the marine environment. Microbeads don’t biodegrade easily and can’t be caught in clean-up exercises. They also attract toxic chemicals as they travel.

Alternative – Use salt and sugar based or herbal toothpastes.

Wet Wipes – Wipes contain plastic and cannot be broken down easily like a toilet paper. If these wipes flushed through the toilet or dumped in sewers, these non biodegradable products cause blockages. They wash up in huge volumes on beaches.

Alternative – It is better to use a cotton clothe, kerchief or a duster. If you using wet wipes then you should dispose it properly in garbage bins instead of flushing them down the toilet.

Plastic Bottles – Plastic is non-biodegradable poses one of the major threat to the rapid decline in the sea bird populations as well as affect marine environment.

Alternative – Either use a reusable container for drinking water or through your plastic bottles in garbage bins that send the trash fr recycling thereby giving it a second life as a packaging, home decor or even clothes.

Old Clothes – Do you wear everything that’s in your wardrobe? Unlikely, Do you know that while you are expanding your wardrobe with clothes that won’t even last you a season, thousand tons of textile waste are being added to global landfills? The more we follow the new consumption pattern, the more energy and resources we waste when throwing old clothing way.

Alternative – Buy only as much as you wear. You can contact NGOs that turn old clothes into useful materials such as bags, comforters, even bed sheets, or anything surplus.

Plastic Bags Did you know there are 1 trillion non-biodegradable plastic bags ‘disposed’ each year which break down waterways, clog landfill sites and release toxic chemicals when burnt it.

Alternative – Use jute bags or paper bags that can be recycled as often as you can.

Old Batteries – Batteries contains toxic metals and heavy metalsthat can leach into the environment once the casing dis-integrates. Did you know that once battery can contaminate 400 liters of water and nearly 20 square meters of soil. It is illegal to dispose batteries in the trash.

Alternative – Look for places in your neighborhood where old batteries are collected for proper disposal or recycled in to new ones. Collect old batteries and deposit them at these centers.


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