Behind History For October 1 – Today in History

Behind History For October 1 – Today in History

1908 – Ford Model T automobiles are offered for sale at a price of US$825. T model cars were introduced by Henry Ford.

1910 – Bomb blast explosion at Los Angles Times building kills 21.

1918 – World War I: The Egyptian Force (Arab Forces under T. E. Lawrence) captures Damascus.

1918 – Sayid Abdullah becomes the last Khan of the Khongirad (Qungrat) Dynasty.

1928 – The Soviet Union (USSR) introduces its first five-year plan under the rule of Joseph Stalin.

1931 – George Washington Bridge which links New Jersey and New York opens.

1931 – Adolf Hitler expands German army and navy, violating Treaty of Versailles.

1939 – After a one-month Siege of Warsaw, hostile forces entered the city.


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