7 Top Border Walls Around the World 1 Behind History

7 Top Border Walls Around the World

7 Top Border Walls Around the World

Seventy walls are in place around the world to protect national borders, compared with a dozen in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down, according to researcher Elisabeth Vallet of Quebec University. As US President Donald Trump moves to build a wall along the Mexican border, here are other significant frontier barriers around the globe:

FRANCE: With existing high wire fences not enough to stop migrants, a one-kilometre “anti-intrusion” wall was built in late 2016 to block access to the northern port of Calais for those trying to clandestinely cross the Channel to Britain.

HUNGARY: As Europe grappled with its worst migrant crisis since World War ll, Hungary built a l75-kilometre, four metre-high fence along its border with Serbia in September 2016, followed in October by  one along its border with 1 Croatia.

BULGARIA: In 2014, Bulgaria started building a razor wire barrier along part of its border with Turkey, the main entry point for migrants seeking to avoid the perilous sea route to the EU across the mediterranean.

GREECE: Greece became the leading entry point for migrants into Europe at just 3 the moment when its economy was collapsing. So, in 2012, Athens built an 11-kilometre barbed wire fence along its river border with Turkey.

SPAIN-MOROCCO: The . Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla on the North African coast, Africa’s only land borders with Europe, are protected by high-tech border fences, each around 10 kilometres long.

lSRAEL-WEST BANK: Israel started building its 712-kilometre security barrier edging the West Bank in 2002, saying it would stop attacks by Palestinian insurgents. Critics say it has been used to seize land and establish a de facto border in breach of international law. Nine metres high at some points, the wall which is two-thirds finished includes watchtowers and electronic surveillance.

SAUBE ARABlA-lRAQ: esponding to the rise of the Islamic State group, the Saudis in 2014 added to an existing seven-metre-high sand embankment on the Iraqi border with a 900-km fence & electronic surveillance system.

INDIA-PAKISTAN: lndia built a barrier almost 750-kilometres long, on the de facto border along the Line of Control, to keep out Pakistani militants.

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