Very Rare Solar Eclipse on December 26 – Do’s & Dont’s

Very Rare Solar Eclipse on December 26

The Solar eclipse, which occurs on the 26th of December this year, is very special. For Sky watchers, space fans and nature lovers this is going to be a duo Christmas in this year. This is because a very rare solar eclipse strikes the Middle East and Asia, the good news is you can watch it all online.

What is Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is where the sun, the moon, and the earth come in the same straight line. The moon, which lies between the earth and the sun, will not be able to cover the sun fully, instead the space observers see a “ring of fire” around the moon. This is not a full solar eclipse but its a partial solar eclipse.

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Ring of Fire

The Ring of fire is visible in only in some parts of South India. The places are as follows, Mangalore or Madikeri in Karnataka, Tellicherry, Calicut and Palghat in Kerala, Ooty, Coimbatore, Pollachi, Tirupur, Palani, Dindigul, Karur, Erode, Trichy, Pudukkottai, Karaikudi, Mammapattinam and Muthupettai can see this eclipse. However, the solar eclipse is visible everywhere in India.


The Solar Eclipse: The Moon – The Sun and Earth Exactly, the eclipse will begin at 8:00 am. The maximum eclipse will be at 9:30 p.m. The eclipse will be completed at 11:16 am. Ring of Fire will appear mostly at 9:30 am.

Watch Live Solar Eclipse December 2019

You watch this eclipse live on the below urls.

Or you can also watch it here


The sun is usually 400 times bigger than the moon. The Sun is 400 times farther from Earth than the distance between Earth and Moon.

How can the moon, which is less than 400 times smaller, cover the entire sun on 26th December?

When small objects which is closer to us, they appear larger than big objects at a distance.

For example, the stars we see at night look like tiny white spots? The fact is each stars is several times bigger than our Sun. However, because they are so far away from the earth, they appear as dots.

Although the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, it is 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun.

Sometimes, however, the moon comes in between the earth and the sun, blocking the view of the sun somewhat. That is the partial or half solar eclipse.

Sometimes, the sun, the moon, and the earth are so aligned in the sky that the moon blocks the entire face of the sun at a certain moment. Thus, we get a full solar eclipse.

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