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Suchitra Twitter Hacked | Real Story Behind the Leaked Images

Suchitra Twitter Hacked | Real Story Behind the Leaked Images

Suchitra Twitter Hacked

Singer, on-screen character Suchitra, who is known for her hit melodies like Uyirin Uyire, May Maasam 98’il and Dole Dole, made a tempest when she posted a progression of tweets assaulting South hotshot Dhanush. In any case, her significant other, on-screen character Karthik Kumar, guaranteed that her Twitter account was hacked. Currently, Suchitra appears to have released private pictures of VIPs like Dhanush, Trisha, Hansika Motwani and Anirudh Ravichander, among others.

About the Hacker

The photographs have now been erased, yet not before officially turning into a viral web sensation. Suchitra took to Twitter to compose that her record had been hacked once more. “Please guys – I don’t even socialize with actors, I don’t have any of their pictures. More than anything – I am not a mean person. The person who is doing this, wants me to deactivate my acct. I’ll do that in a second. But I know I have ppl here who genuinely like me. So I’m gonna see what best I can do now. But push comes to shove, I’ll deactivate it. Apologising to my ‘genuine’ followers in advance,” she wrote.,” she tweeted.

Be that as it may, Suchitra appears to know who the guilty party is. “Checked data: evidently Mr Hacker thinks – by including a photo of himself in the spilled pix, he won’t welcome doubt on himself,” one of her tweets read.

Below is the following tweet by Suchitra:

About the Hacker:

We still do not know who the hacker is, but who ever the person is he doesn’t have any more photos or videos. He’s doing for cheap publicity and to get more followers in twitter account. Currently, the hacker has opened more than 15-20 twitter account in the name of Suchitra. He is continously tweeting in a approxiamate time the next photos will be released. When time comes he’s just releasing some random nude pics of someone and making us believe that its the celebrity. Moreover, in many nude images he has released has croped the face. When we look closer its an finished issue but the hacker wants to keep trending with this.

Lets not support the culprit and retweet his tweets. Just unfollow and lets move on as everyone would be having there own busy schedule.

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