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Jallikattu Protest | Full Coverage | From the Start to Violent End

Before we read the historic Jallikattu Protest we all have to know, what is Jallikattu? what is history of Jallikattu? 

Jallikattu Protest from the beginning to end:

The Jallikattu Protest started from by the youth groups in January 2017 in several location across the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Protest was started by the students and youngsters because they wanted to save there culture. They have clearly said the protest was not influenced by any political party or leaders.

When the first Jallikattu Protest started?

The first protest was started on January 8, 2017. However, the main protest started only a week later.

On January 2017, the villagers of Alanganallur started the protest at the arena called “Vaadi Vasal”. Vaadi Vasal is a famous place in Madurai. This is where the most of the Jallikattu happens. Around 200 protesters were arrested during the protest by Police.

Many actors like Silambarasan, Aadhi aka Hip Hop Tamizha and R.J. Balaji supported the protest and were being a part of this protest. The social media connected all the youngsters and made them to-gather in Marina Beach, Chennai. Majority of the protester were youngster and students.

The crowd started increasing in Marina Beach. And supports from all the major places of Chennai started there protest in a peaceful way. Therefore, all youngster spend there whole night at the Marina Beach. The protest started in the other districts as well including Alanganallur, Salem, Coimbatore, Trichy, Pudhuchery.

On 19th January, man volunteer groups and individual once again gathered at Marina beach for the overnight protest. As a result, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu O. Paneerselvam met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to pass an Ordinance. Unfortunately, there was no support from the central government directly. However, our honorable Prime Minister has said that “the central government cannot pass a ordinance when the case is pending in Supreme Court, however, the Central Government will support State Government in the ordinance which will be passed by State Government”.

During the time the Protester were demanding a speech with Chief Minister or any Ministers. Below is the interview from given to a TV channel.

Interview given on 2nd day of Protest:

6 days of Peaceful Protest

Students and youngster were involved in the protest in a very peaceful way. Students volunteer themselves in cleaning the beach and maintaining the traffic. They didn’t trouble the police but they were helpful to them. Not only the students people from other religions also participated the protest.

Pictures of the Peaceful Protest

Peaceful Protest          Night Protest

Friday Prayer During Protest

Friday Prayer during the Protest          Friday Prayer in Protest

The peaceful protest came to an end on the 7th day. Police advised the protesters to stop the protest as government has passed and “Immediate Ordinance” to conduct Jallikattu event in all the places including “Vaadivasal”.

Minority of the Protesters left the Marina Beach after listening to Police. Majority of the students asked 2 hours time before the disburse. Police refused to give any time and started there violence (ladhi charge) and the violence went to the other level which I can’t describe in words. Below is the videos of Violence:

JalliKattu Protest Violence in Hindi:

Jallikattu Protest Violence in English:

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