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Richest Eight of the World 1 Behind History

Richest Eight of the World

Richest Eight of the World

As the world’s business and political elite gather in the Swiss town of Davos this week to participate in the world economic forum, here’s a look at the eight billionaires who own as much as half of the rest of the planet. All are men, American tech tycoons. Below is the list of top eight richest men:

Bill Gates: $75 billion

The man whose name is a byword for billionaire, co-founded Mircrosoft in the Mid-70’s. Growing it into world biggest software company and helping to make computers a house hold item. He quit as CEO in 2000 and pledged to devote his future to his magnanimous activities in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Amancio Ortega: $67 billion

The richest person in Europe, Ortega opened the first Zara Fashion shop in 1975. Now he chain has 7,000 shops globally. Its boom in popularity us high due to low cost model that competes with the like of H&M. Ortega has majority shares of 59% in the company, it has a market value of 97 billion euros.

Warren Buffet: $60.8 billion

The Oracle of Omaha, as he’s known for the way his every investment decision is followed by thousands. He started investing as teenager in 1940’s and gradually grew his firm, Berkshire Hathaway. Beffet, 1986, is a notoriously frugal personally and favors investing in companies with proven business models over new industries.

Carlos Slim Helu: $50 billion

The Mexican business man owes his future to a major ownership in America Movil, a telecommunication organization worth $42 billion. Carlos was ranked as a richest person three years ago, but saw his net worth hit by a downturn in Latin American economies.

Jeff Bezos: $45.2 billion

The founder and CEO of Amazon.com revolutionized online shopping. Bezos has reached beyond Amazon to try his hand in other industries. He’s bought Washington Post and set up an aerospace company, Blue Origin, that make space accessible to tourist and paying customers.

Mark Zuckerberg: $44.6 billion

Founded Facebook in 2004 while he was a college student to connect Harvard students. The company went on to become popular globally and listed its share publicly in 2012, making Zuckerberg a multi-billionaire.

Larry Ellison: 43.6 billion

As a young programmer in the 1970’s, CIA was there first huge client. The name of the project was ‘Oracle’. In 1977, Ellison and associates used the name of that product for their company, which creates the software to help and manage databases. Since then it has become the industry standard. Ellison has recently focused on cloud computing, in which data has been stored and managed across a network of a computer. His fortune comes from 27% shares he still owns in Oracle. It current worth is $160 billion.

Michael Bloomberg: $40 billion

Created the eponymous financial information provider in 1981 after getting laid off from an investment bank. Bloomberg made it lucrative business in particular by selling data terminal to financial service firms. The multi-screen terminals became essential tools in the industry, incorporating real-time market information with a news service. Bloomberg turned to politics in 2001, becoming mayor of New York city for three terms.

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