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ISIS Demolishes 840 Years Old Al-Nuri Mosque | Battle of Mosul

ISIS Demolishes 840 Years Old Al-Nuri Mosque

IS militants on 22nd June, 2017, blew the Grand al-Nuri Mosque of Mosul which is famous for its leaning minaret, Iraq’s military said in a statement, as Iraqi forces seeking to expel the group from the city closed in on the site.

Three years ago the IS militant’s leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi spoked about the proclaiming the creation of the the “Caliphate”. And also it was the last time Mr. Baghdadi made his appearance in public. On Wednesday night, with the terrorist gang on the cusp of losing control of Mosul and with it its claim to a caliphate straddling the border of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State contenders stuffed the building with explosives and brought it down.

The devastation of the mosque and minaret — which has commanded Mosul’s horizon for a considerable length of time and is envisioned on Iraq’s 10,000 dinar bank note — is another hit to the city’s rich social legacy and its plenty of antiquated destinations that have been damaged or destroyed during these 3 years of IS rule.

Pictures of before and after damage.

For residents of Mosul and the individuals who think about Iraq’s history, the devastation was yet another painful loss, after many years of the Islamic State viciously deleting an area’s history. Before the Islamic State took control of Mosul, Unesco had started a push to ensure and restore the minaret, known as Al Hadba, or the hunchback.

Few Heart Touching Tweets:

This act is absolutely horrendous. It absolutely proves the fact that Terrorism is terrorism and we definitely cannot associate it with any religion, culture or group of indigenous people. No matter how much the mainstream media or any leaders try to portray them that way. They shouldn’t even be regarded as Human after this atrocious act.

Few are saying that US air force has blew down the historic Al-Nuri Mosque. We have to wait and see to know who is responsible for the destruction.

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