History of S. Anitha | Our Deepest Condolence 1 Behind History

History of S. Anitha | Our Deepest Condolence

History of Anitha

Anitha, a Hard working school topper from Ariyalur district, Tamil Nadu. Anitha was born on 5th March, 2000 and she was a daughter of a daily wage laborer and her mother died when she was young. Anitha’s life ambitions is to become a doctor and she worked hard for it. 

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History of S. Anitha | Our Deepest Condolence 2 Behind HistoryHere is her higher secondary mark sheet, she got a good result for her hard work, she scoredv1176 marks out of 1200 in the 12th standard exams in the Tamil Nadu State Board examinations. She has got full marks (200/200) in Physics, Maths and 199/200 in Chemistry. Her cut off marks for medical was 196.75 out of 200 and 199.76 out of 200 for engineering seat. 

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But, she could not make it to the NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test). She had scored only 86 out of 700 in the newly-introduced entrance exam which was totally based on CBSE syllabus. However, on the other hand she got an seat for aeronautical engineering at the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology. On August 22, the Supreme Court of India ordered Tamil Nadu government to begin medical admissions based on NEET. The verdict came after the Centre refused to endorse Tamil Nadu’s draft Ordinance seeking exemption from NEET for one year.

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Anitha was one of the many students who were in shock to know that they had to compete once again in NEET exams to get a medical seat.  She doesn’t want her aim and dream to go just like that, she decided to fight back. But, unfortunately she led an unsuccessful battle against NEET in Supreme Court of India stating that the new entrance exam should not be the only criteria for admission in a medical college.

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She became the victim for this system. Anitha killed herself at her residence a week after the central government declared that Tamil Nadu cannot be exempted from NEET. The entire hard work, dream, aim of a our sister/daughter Anitha was just gone.

The changing rules, system, government before the question was “not sure when this all will change”? Now my question is “Will this ever change”?  Share your thought below.

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