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Behind the History of Neku Siyar

Who was Neku Siyar?

Neky Siyar was the son of the great King Muhammad Akbar and the grand son of The great Aurangazeb. Neku Siyar was brought up in Harem prison of Agra. He spent 38 years in prison from 1681 to 1719.


Release from Prison and Lost in War and Death:

Neku Siyar was released from prison with the help of Governor of Agra Birbal. He initiated a war during 1719 to capture the throne of India. Neku Siyar and Birbal was defeated in war by Syed brothers. Neku Siyar was arrested again by Syed Brothers during the same year. He was moved from Harem prison, Agra to Salimgarh in Delhi. Neku Siyar died in prison the prison of Salimgarh, Delhi during the year 1723, at the age of 43.


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