10 Demands of Congress Party on Behalf of People of India

10 Demands of Congress Party on Behalf of People of India

1. Remove all restrictions on cash withdrawals from Banks and ATM’s. Banks must pay 18% interest till the end of these restrictions. All charges on digital transaction must be waived.

2. Under the Food Security Act, entire food items must be given to ration card holders at half the prices by Govt. As a one time measure, government must give 20% bonus on MSP’s for all farm produce to farmers.

3. Due to demonetization, women have suffered many problems, so Rs. 25,000/- must be credited to a women’s account in all families below poverty line.

4. Daily wages for MANREGA laborers must be doubled for one year. Those who lost their jobs after 8th November, 2016 due to demonetization effect, must be registered through a camp and they must be paid minimum wages till March, 2017 as compensation to these workers.

5. 50% rebate should be given to small businessmen and retailers in income tax, sales tax and service tax. Respective State Government must be compensated this loss by Central Government.

6. In 1000 days of governance, Modi’s Government has increased petrol and diesel prices by 19 times, gas prices increased on 6 times and excise duty by 9 times.

7. Government has collected hefty income of Rs. 99,984 crores in 2014-15 from excise duty on petrol/diesel prices.

8. Presently Government is charging higher duty of Rs. 21.48 on petrol and Rs. 17.33 on diesel.

9. In Gujarat, due to 15% tax on PNG Government is benefited by Rs. 5,302.95 crores and due to VAT and Cess on petrol and diesel, it earned income of Rs. 15,974 crore.

10. NDA was crying foul during the UPA Government, but now increasing tax and duties on public even though crude prices are lower in international market. This is betrayal of public by Modi’s Government on promise of “Achhe Din”.

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