Behind the History of Washing Machine 1 Behind History

Behind the History of Washing Machine

Behind the History of Washing Machine

A Washing machine is also called as laundry machine is used to wash clothes. A powder or liquid form of chemicals which is called as “Detergents” are added to along with the clothes for cleaning purposes.

Washing Machine History :

Before the inventions of washing machines, clothes were washed by humans using their hands to wash clothes. The hand washing of clothes involves soaking, scrubbing and brushing using detergent or soap. The hand washing of clothes are mostly done by housewife and woman. They use to carry water from the well or pump to wash the clothes.


First Machine for Washing Clothes :

The first patent under the category of Washing Machine was designed by “Christian Schaffer” and it was published in Germany at 1767. Under the design the first technology used was metal bucket or tub that had fingers for washing the clothes called the “Crude Agitator” technology. It is hand powered but still operative than hand washing.

Nathaniel Briggs” an inventor from New Hampshire invented the first mechanical washing device in 1797. Countries like United Kingdom and United States paid a special importance on developing washing machine for home and commercial purposes. This lead to the invention of Rotary Washing machine invented by Hamilton Smith during 1930. Due to unavailability of electricity during those time these machines were operated by gasoline engine.


In 1843, a Canadian inventor named “John E. Turnbull” of Saint John, New Brunswick patented a “Clothes Washer with Wringer Rolls”. It was registered as “Improved Washing Machine”. After few years during 1876 “Triumph Rotary Washer” was invented by “Margaret Colvin” of Philadelphia.

Electronic Washing Machine:

Washing machines that works using the electric power supply were first invented in the earlier 1904. When we browse in search engines to find “Who is the inventor of washing machine?” the repeated answers we get is “Alva J. Fisher” who was wrongly credited for the invention of washing machine.


Unknown Inventor & Design Improvement :

The inventor of first electric washing machine remains unknown as there is one patent issued before the Fisher’s patent. In 1930’s the entire mechanism was enclosed within a box like cabinet. As mangle’s/wringers are dangerous to handle, Spin Dryers were introduced.

The worlds first Domestic Automatic Washing Machine was introduced by Bendix Corporation during the year 1937. Early Automatic washing machines were costly, it was not easy to use.


Types, Trends, technologies of Washing Machines:

Top Loading:

The top loading washing machine is affordable to buy for the commoners. Clothes are loaded through the top of the machine. These types of machines could use universal motors or DC brush-less motor. Easy to use user-friendly, a bit of manual work is involved in using normal top loading washing machines.

In automatic washing machines itself does all the work. The only manual work involved is switching on the machine and turning it off after the wash. A timer which we set will automatically decide the rinsing, spinning, drying and maintenance wash.


Top brands of Washing Machines:

  • IFB
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • Videocon
  • LG
  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic

These companies manufacture washing machine in new designs and technologies yearly.

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