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Behind the History of Television

Behind the History of Television

Behind the history of television:

Many individual have been involved behind the invention of television in the late 19th Century to early 20th century. The invention and technology of television was upgraded gradually in order to make profit, however another reason is few wants to change the world with the visual and communication technology. In today’s modern world television has become one of member in our house. We cannot find a house without a television. But there are few things behind the history of television.

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Before it was like:

In the middle of 1920, Charles Jenkins invented the first practical television which was used by the key idea of Nipkow and Rosing’s mechanical disk. After several experiments Jenkins invented his Radiovisor model 100 can came to market as a first full mechanical television set in 1931. In the mean while John Logie Baird, who successfully invented the world’s first TV studio and that is the first TV to show transmitting moving pictures. However, this was also based on the mechanical dist system started by Nipkow.

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What is Mechanical Disk System started by Nipkow?

Paul Gottlieb Nipkow, who was the first developer/inventor of mechanical module television system. Nipkow was a student from Germany, he succeed sending images through wires with the help of rotating metal disk. The technology was called electronic television.

In 1907, Swinton’s experiment with the cathode ray tube for electronic television was a great innovation idea, however it was not done during the period. Finally, the working model of electronic television was invented by Philo Taylor Farnsworth was completed based on Swinton’s module. Unbelievable truth is Philo was just 14 when he started his research.

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Before the televisions were Black and white and then it came with color. Now the technology has improved and its running in HD, Full HD and Ultra HD television with good refresh rate and pixels.


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