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Behind the History of Telephone

Behind the history of Telephone:

“Telephone” we always remember the name Alexander Graham Bell for inventing the wonderful device.  Who is the inventor of telephone?  Was is Alexander Graham Bell, Johann Philipp Reis, Elisha Gray or Antonio Meucci?
We all know that Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone it is because he was awarded for the first successful patent of the telephone. But the original history involves the names of Johann Philipp Reis, Elisha Gray and Antonio Meucci has also developed the first talking telegraph.

The First Telephone:


The first telephone model

There may be many people doing research on the particular device but the final credit goes to the one who presents the best working, fully finished device.  The above example has taken place in the case of telephone. There was been a lot of issues and controversy took place in the invention of telephone. 


Several cases filed on the court, many books and articles are being created about this. However, Alexander Graham Bell is the father of telephone but he’s not the first to come up with a concept of telephone.
In 1849, Atonio Meucci started the research on talking telegraph, then started the develop it and then filed a forewarning for his patent. But unfortunately, Meucci was not able to renew his design. Meucci’s contribution and research was not known until  Canadian Parliamentary Motion on Alexander Graham Bell article reviews made him recognize in june 2002 but it was not for the invention of telephone. However, this was not accepted by U.S senate 10 day later Canadian parliament officially declared that Bell is the inventor of telephone.

Few things that needs to be noticed about telephones:

How was the original idea of telephone came from?

Most children had string of thread between two empty match box or steel glass and “inserted” their own communication. By the early 1900’s the telephones was already considered a most individual device that ever been used for mankind entertaining tool.

The telephone continues to control popular culture. Many companies spend millions of dollars in marketing each year. And, as result; these companies have some of the strongest brand names in the world.


With over 2 million shareholders, AT&T has always been one of the most widely held stocks in the world. However; unlike many other large corporations, AT&T, due to Bell’s original invention; has become a fixed part of American popular culture.

Behind the History of Telephone
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