Non-Vegetarian Plants | What is it? 1 Behind History

Non-Vegetarian Plants | What is it?

Non-Vegetarian Plants:

Don’t worry, Man-eating plants are not discovered till date. However, there are many plants which eat insects and even animals too. These kinds of p plants are called as Non-Vegetarian Plants. There are more than 670 species ol carnivorous plants. These plants have developed specialised trapping systems that help them lure, catch, kill and digest small animals.

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They lure unsuspecting Insects into death traps, then consume their flesh. Carnivorous plants consume things like insects , spiders , crustaceans and other small soil and water-living invertebrates. The most famous among these carnivorous plants are as follows:

  • Sundews
  • Pitcher plants
  • Bladdenvorts
  • The Venus llytrap.

Like other plants, they also use light. carbon dioxide and water to make their food. But without non-vegetarian components in their diet, they will lose strength.


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