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What Can You Learn from Jerry?

3 Things we can learn from Jerry Mouse:

Jerry Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in the animated cartoon series of Tom and Jerry. In all the episodes Jerry gets chased by Tom, a cat. Tom and Jerry aren’t always enemies. They are known to team up on occasions. 

Jerry has always won over Tom by using his simplest ideas. However tough the trap spread by Tom may be for Jerry, Jerry will always use his brains to get away from it. Jerry,in the entire series,has never given up on Tom. That is the beauty of life. 

Jerry is full of confidence. He turns himself into a lion while doing mischief. When chased, he runs like a kangaroo. A small mouse taking so many avtaars is phenomenal. Hence, the next time, start all your effort with confidence and you will be half way through already.

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