Behind the History of Jahandar Shah | 8th Mughal Emperor 1 Behind History

Behind the History of Jahandar Shah | 8th Mughal Emperor

About Jahandar Shah

Jahandar Shah is was the 8th king of Mughal Empire whose reign existed around a year from 1712-1713. Jahandar Shah was the son of King Bahadur Shah-I, he was born on 10th May 1664. After the death of his father, Jahandar Shah and his brother Azim-Us-Shan both announce them as the King of the empire.


Jahandar vs Azim

The civil war was not only between the two brothers but also includes 2 more sons of Bahadur Shah. They are Rafi-ush­-Shan and Jahan Shah, after the death of Bahadur Shah 3 wars of succession took place among his sons. With the help of Zulfiqar Khan who made secret plans and traps for the Azim, Rafi and Jahan were defeated by Jahandar Shah.

Crown and Reign

After defeating his brothers Jahandar Shah crowned himself as the King of the Mughal Empire and appointed Zulfiqar Khan as his Wazir (Chief Minister). Jahandar Shah was a frail and deteriorate sovereign who was completely given to delight. He did not had good behavior, nobility, and goodness. He had a thoughtless lifestyle, his court was filled with dance and other entertainments. His reign existed only for 11 months from the death of Azim-us-Shan.



Jahandar Shah’s first married the daughter of Mirza Mukarram Khan Safavi. The marriage occurred on 13 October 1676. After her passing he wedded her niece, Sayyid-un-nissa Begum, the little girl of Mirza Rustam. The marriage occurred on 30 August 1684. Qazi Abu Sa’id joined them within the sight of Emperor Aurangzeb, and Prince Muhammad Muazzam (future Bahadur Shah I). The marriage was culminated on 18 September. Sayyid-un-nissa Begum was given gems worth 67,000 rupees. The festivals were managed by Princess Zinat-un-nissa Begum.

His third wife was Anup Bai who held the title of Muazzamabadi Mahal. She was the mother of Prince Muhammad Aziz-ud-noise Mirza, born on 6 June 1699. Lal Kunwar Begum was his 4th wife and she was the daughter of Khasusiyat Khan. Jahandar Shah was exceptionally partial to her, and after he became the king, he gave her the title Imtiyaz Mahal.



He was defeated in the battle at Agra on 10 January 1713 by Farrukhsiyar, his cousin and the second son of Azim-ush-Shan, with the help and support of the Syed Brothers. He escaped and went to Delhi to get the help of Zulfiqar Khan, but he betrayed him and favored Farrukhsiyar so he could gain the trust of new King the couple were handed over to the new Emperor, who confined him along with Lal Kunwar. He lived in confinement for a month, until 11 February 1713 and he was murdered in prison on February 11, 1713. He was buried near Humayun’s tomb at the side of other members of the family.

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