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5 People Who Inspire Nadella

Five people Who Inspire NADELLA

In a recent blog, Sathya Nadella, Ce0 of Microsoft, shared stories of people he had met whose work left a lasting impression on him lets take a look at them…….

1. MIKAILA ULMER: Founder, me $ the bees

The texan girl received a $11mn deal with whole foods to sell her brand of lemonade. Her pursuit of her dream to save honeybees is inspiring because she’s demonstrating to other young people that they too can make a difference,”said nadella. Ulmer calls herself a social entrepreneur and educator.

2.DIEGO COMIN: Economics professor, dartmouth college

Comin impressed nadella when they met to discuss how to encorage inclusive economic growth.Nadella said,”He [comin] concluded that differences between rich and poor nations can be explained by the speed at which they adopt and put to use industrial technologies.”

3.MALALA YOUSAFZAI:Activist and nobel laureate

The pakistani activist who,spoke out publicly against the taliban’s ban on girl’s education and was shot in the head, is an inspiration to many. Her persistence in championing for safe, quality education for millions of girls is awe-inspiring.”Nadella wrote.

4. SAQIB SHAIKH:Software engineer,Microsoft

In his blog,nadella spoke about shaikh,who has been visually impaired since he was seven.”since then he has chanelled his passion into building accessible solutions for visually impaired people who want to acquire knowledge. Shaikh is working on a project that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help people,”he wrote.

5. MARK POLLOCK: Adventure athlete and professional speaker

The visually-impaired athlete and adventurer was left paralyzed after falling from a second-floor window whilst staying with friends. Nadella wrote,” Mark is a brilliant example of the fact that we can always achieve more than what we think is possible.”

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