Board Exam Tips for Students 1 Behind History

Board Exam Tips for Students

Board Exam Tips for Students

While preparing for the class X Boards, the most important thing is to stay calm. The moment you become flustered and stressed, everything starts to go down the drain. During the preparation for my Boards that’s what l did.

I had a plan in place. l chalked out my strengths and weaknesses and started preparing accordingly. I knew what I had to finish and by when and at the same time, i gave myself adequate breaks. When I sat down to study, apart from my textbook and notebook, I always had another rough book so that l could jot down points.

Writing in my own words helped me remember and retain information for a longer period. While writing, I used a lot of color, which helped make the whole lesson a little more appealing.

Another important aspect to remember is that if there is a particular concept that you haven’t understood. get back to your teacher for clarity. After they have helped you out, go back and study the same lesson as that helps solidify everything in the brain.

What’s important is to always pay attention in class and not get overwhelmed by anything.

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