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4 Easy Beauty Tips to Follow this Year

4 Easy Beauty Tips to Follow this Year

4 Easy Beauty Tips

Don’t skip your sunscreen

One of the most important skincare habits to follow is applying a sunscreen. Be it winter or sumer, your skin can be prone to damage in any weather. Wearing sunscreen on daily basis can prevent premature aging, tanning, and even leads to skin cancer. It’s always good to apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out. By doing this, the cream will absorb and protect better.

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Always Moisturize

With the harsh weather, pollution, and daily make-up your skin demands some TLC. Make sure you apply a moisturizer (suiting your skin type), before going to bed and in the morning. Never forget to pamper your eyes – the skin around your eyes being the thinnest and it is more prone to dryness. To address these issues, apply an eye cream in a circular motion to improve the skin’s elasticity.

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Never Sleep with your make-up on

The worst thing you can do to your skin is sleeping with your make-up on. And don’t we do that a lot of times? Well, this can damage your skin! From skin allergies to breakouts, your skin can suffer a lot when you don’t remove your make-up. So, next time, make sure you remove the layers of foundation and eye make-up before sleeping. For the days you’re too lazy to hit the wash room, just keep a pack of a make-up removing wipes near your bed.

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Always Clean your Make-up Brushes

Your make-up brushes can have more bacteria than you can even imagine. According to experts, you should clean your make-up brushes once a month, while eye brushes should be cleaned twice a month. This easy resolution will always keep your skin healthy and break-out free.

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