Kredit Bee Instant Loans – Step by Step Procedures

Kredit Bee Instant Loans – Step by Step Procedures

KreditBee is a mobile app that offers instant personal loans to salaried professionals. You can apply for personal loans starting from Rs.1,000 through online portal, while the repayment tenures range Up to 15 months. depending on the amount of loan availed. A interest rate in the range of 0% to 29.95% p.a. is charged on the personal loans from KreditBee.

Personal Loan for Salaried

This loan has been especially designed to help salaried professionals address the urgent cash crunch they may face, especially at the end of the month, before their salaries are credited. These loans can be beneficial for those who require urgent cash but their employer does not allow them to borrow against their salaries. Some of the features of Personal Loan for Salaried have been listed below:

The documentation required is minimal and funds are disbursed to your account almost immediately.
This loan is helpful in situations when your salary gets delayed and you have to take care of loans/bill payments.

How to Apply for Personal Loan for Salaried?

Download the KreditBee App.

Sign up using your Facebook account.

Enter your Aadhaar or Voter ID or Passport and PAN, and provide details regarding your date of birth, monthly salary, and PIN code, to check eligibility.

Upload KYC documents, including address, marital status, and contact details.

Enter your company details.

Provide your Salary Account Statement Proof

Provide your bank account details. You will have to provide your e-signature through your phone.

Upon verification, expect the loan to be disbursed within 15 minutes.

KreditBee is my go-to Instant Personal Loan provider, and I’m sure you’ll love it as well. Thanks to their 100% online loan application process, you can get up to Rs. 1 Lakh credited directly into your bank account! Just download the app & use my referral code: KMOFATL4S to get discount on processing fees while availing loan.

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