Irish Potato Famine and Ottoman Sultan Abdulmejid

Irish Potato Famine and Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid

The Irish Potato Famine (1845-1849) was an enormous disaster that brought about one million dying the dust from starvation and one million leaving their country, for the most part for North America.

It’s extremely difficult to articulate how scarring this famine was for such huge numbers of Irish individuals and the enduring was colossal. The mental scars despite everything sway Ireland’s mind today.

It nearly seems like a fantasy to hear how a Sultan from a distant land knew about this misfortune and made a special effort to send ships packed with food and medication to the Irish individuals passing on from yearning and illness.

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At the point when Sultan Abdulmejid knew about the experiencing his Irish dental specialist, he felt incredible sympathy and distress for the predicament of the Irish. The Sultan initially needed to give 10,000 pounds to the destitute masses yet British representatives were astounded to hear this since Queen Victoria had given a little total of 2,000 pounds.

The British Government wouldn’t acknowledge the huge gift so he just gave a measly aggregate of 1,000 pounds, yet he furtively sent five boats stacked with food!

As you can envision, the British government was disturbed to know about this and the naval force endeavored a barricade to prevent the guide from showing up. The boats endured the lines and showed up at Drogheda, Ireland where they scattered the food.

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The individuals of Drogheda were appreciative to such an extent that they had the Islamic and Ottoman images added to their city’s ensign.

It truly peruses like a fantasy and is an offer of extraordinary sympathy.

It’s anything but difficult to envision how glad the destitute individuals were to see those Turkish boats showing up with food. As indicated by James Hack Tuke, individuals were, “living, or somewhat starving, upon turnip-tops, sand-eels and ocean growth, an eating regimen which nobody in England would think qualified for the meanest animal.”

This is not the end of the story, it continues.

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During the Crimean War, Britain joined the Ottoman Empire against their battle with the growing Russian Empire. Around 30,000 Irish officers served in the war and it was seen that the Irish individuals served eagerly with regards to the Sultan who had helped them during their most noteworthy critical crossroads.

This most noteworthy type of sympathy was even remembered during the First World War. It was accounted for that British officials whined that the Irish came up short on the will to battle against the Ottomans who recalled accounts of the Ottoman Empire helping during a starvation when nobody else would.

Sultan Abdulmejid was a model and hope of mankind and humanity being reestablished.

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