Tricks to Get Good Skin with Milk 1 Behind History

Tricks to Get Good Skin with Milk

Tricks to Get Good Skin with Milk

Don’t just sip the milk, include it in your beauty regime for soft and clear skin, say expert. Dietitian and Nutrition experts, lists some ways milk can be used for skincare.

How to get good skin with Milk

1. It can be used as a cleanser. Milk drives out all the dirt and dead skin cells from clogged pores, preventing outbreak of blackheads and acne. It also removes fats from oily areas and moisturizes dry skin.

Use: Dab a clean cotton ball in milk, apply it all over the face and massage in circular motion for five minutes. Wash with warm water. You can get clear skin with milk.

2. Milk is good for dry and flaky skin. It helps replenish lost oils making the skin smooth and moisturized throughout the day.

Use: Dip a cotton ball in milk and dab all over the face. Allow it to stand for 20 minutes and wash with cold water. For best results, apply a mixture of mashed banana and milk on face, wash it after half an hour.

Milk Skin Care – Exfoliating Scrub:

Milk is naturally rich in AHA(alpha hydroxyl acid) a compound found in many beauty products. It mildly removes excess dead cells from the skin’s surface, revealing soft and radiant skin.

Use: Add milk to honey to create a natural scrub. Massage gently and wash with warm water after 15 minutes to get glowing skin naturally.

Lightens Tans:

If you want to get rid of toners laced with chemicals, milk is the best option available. Milk has lactic acid which contains skin lightening properties.

Use: Make a equal mix of milk and green tea, dip a cotton cloth and apply it all over the tanned skin. Wash after 15 minutes. Use it thrice a week before bath for best results.

Soothes Sunburn:

Cold milk relives sun burn and inflammations. It creates a thin protein film that protects the skin and cools off burning sensation.

Use: Apply full cream milk on the affected areas as it contains healthy fact that soothes and lubricates skin.

Foot SPA:

Milk softens cracked feet and toes by removing dead skin cells, making it clean and moisturized.

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