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Tamil Nadu Weatherman Ends Everything

Tamil Nadu Weatherman Puts an End to All Trending Rumors

Tamil Nadu Weatherman clarifies and puts an end to all the rumors that were trending around social media. There were being a lot of rumors in WhatsApp and other social media.

Below are the top 3 rumors:


Rains will continue to thrash the earlier mentioned zones throughout the night as moisture is being feeded to Ockhi from B.O.B ! More heavy rains on card for interior regions tomorrow too! Stay safe.

Chennai are predicted from December 1 to 7, Chennai should drown due to low and imd as 100% confirmed news. Please be safe. This message is along with a satellite image.


This one is in regional language along with a stupid video that’s trending in WhatsApp (மூழ்கபோகிறது தமிழகம் ? நார்வே வெளியிட்ட பகீர் உண்மைகள் !! வருகிறது புதிய புயல் !! முழு தகவல் கீழே உள்ள வீடியோவில் உள்ளது தவறாமல் தவிர்க்காமல் பாருங்கள் மறக்காமல் நண்பர்களுக்கு பகிருங்கள் நன்றி).

In his recent post he has clarified about the current weather condition. He has requested us not to believe in rumors and has given hope that he will update us in advance regarding the weather condition. Below is his post.


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