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Creative Architecture of Mughal Kings |...

Creative Architecture of Mughal Kings | Mughal Dynasty Many historic monuments were built during the Mughal rule by the Mughal kings. Mughal architecture always has very unique pattern of structure and character, including large bulbous domes, slender minarets at the corners, massive halls, large vaulted gateways, and delicate ornamentation. Examples... Read More →

Behind the History of King Akbar |...

About King Akbar King Akbar the Great, one of the greatest Muslim King of India, set up a strong Mughal kingdom through his powerful military forces, however he is known for his approach of religious resistance. King Akbar was the third ruler of Mughal Dynasty after Babur and Humayun.... Read More →

Behind the History of Neku Siyar

Who was Neku Siyar? Neky Siyar was the son of the great King Muhammad Akbar and the grand son of The great Aurangazeb. Neku Siyar was brought up in Harem prison of Agra. He spent 38 years in prison from 1681 to 1719.   Release from Prison and Lost in War... Read More →