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Heavy Rain Returns to TN from March 3 | Experts Say it Will take Place in History

“Possible low pressure near Sri Lankan coast might bring rainfall to the state”.

Its time to see if weather forecasts will be correct this time? Will rain bring some relief to the droughtstricken state in the first week of March? Most parts of the state, barring north Tamil Nadu which includes the capital Chennai, may experience significant rains from March 3. However, there could be some relief for Chennai too. After having suffered sultry weather for more than a week, Chennaiites experienced a slight. dip in the day temperature on Sunday. This may continue for the next 10 days, say weather experts.

Sunday saw a dunk in temperatures in seaside regions because of the expanding overcast cover and dampness content. Significantly, the most extreme and least temperature in the city, from the information from Regional Meteorological Center (RMC), was 29.6 degrees Celsius and 23.1 C. The most extreme temperature was drifting around 32 degrees a week ago.

Tamil Nadu Weather Pradeep John says, “While the probability of rains to Chennai is still a question, other parts of the state would receive good rains due to the trough of low or the possible low pressure at the South West Bay (near Sri Lankan coast).”

The example of lovely days and warm evenings in beach front areas of the state would proceed for the following two weeks, he expressed. Walk is by and large not an ideal month for noteworthy rains in Tamil Nadu. As indicated by RMC information, the record breaking precipitation of 166.9mm for a March month in Tamil Nadu was seen in 2008. Be that as it may, the March normal precipitation is just 20mm.

“Chennai is dry but not much hot”.

History of Rain in the Month of March in TN

It is normal to receive  20 mm of rain in the state, detailed in March. As of March 2008, which is once in a while higher. He recorded 167 mm of rain. It is especially in the most recent 150 years. There was likewise flooding in March. And in addition can be relied upon to happen by and by. On the off chance that you ask why it happens ideal, that Pradeep said.

Details of Rain received from 1938 to 2008
Year       Rain
2008        166.9
1984          82.0
1879          76.8
1954          67.0
1893          62.0
1925           61.5
1944          57.5
2006         54.5
1936          52.9
1938          50.5

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