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Padmavati a Remake of 1963 Sivaji Starrer Chittor Rani Padmini?

Before comparing both the movies, let’s take a look into 1963 movie Chittor Rani Padmini.



Sivaji Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala, M.N. Nambiar, T.S. Balaiah, D. Balasubramaniam, K.A. Thangavelu, Ruhsyendramani, ‘Kaka’ Radhakrishnan, ‘Pulimoottai’ Ramasamy and T.P. Muthulakshmi


Chithrapu Narayanamurthi


G. Ramanathan

Story & ScreenplayL

C. V. Sridhar, along with Elangovan


Uma Pictures, a company owned by RM Ramanathan,


About the film:

Legend of Tamil Cinema Sivaji Ganesan and Vyjayanthimala played the lead roles in the movie Chitoor Rani Padmini, was directed by Chithrapu Narayanamurthi. This film was made in both Tamil & Telugu and released during the year 1963 which was a great success. This movie was produced under the banner of Uma Pictures, which was owned by RM Ramanathan.



Most of the Indians would be knowing the story of Chittor Rani Padmini of Rajasthan. The interesting part this history is there is no portrait of the queen anywhere in Rajasthan and also historians have found Rani Padmini was a figment of fiction. The painting which are seen now are all based onthe imagination of the painters.

This movie, is described as “historical fiction” in write-ups and narrates the popular story of the queen and the Sultan of Delhi Alauddin Khilji’s wild admiration for her. The woman during that period, especially woman from the royal family will be under “Purdah”. In one situation, Sultan of Delhi threatened to destroy Rajasthan if he wasn’t allowed to see Rani Padmini.

With no other options in hand Rana (King Rawal Ratan Singh), her husband allowed Padmini to stand in front of a palace pond and her reflection in the water could be seen in mirror in a room. In the meanwhile, king made a secret plan to kill Khilji. But Khilji escaped and conquered everything but not Padmini, as she jumped into the ceremonial fire, committing “Sati”.


Characters played in the film:

  • Sivaji Ganesha played as Rana of Chitoor.
  •  Vyjayanthimala played as Rani Padmini, she was a outstanding Bharatanatyam dancer.
  •  M.N. Nambiar as Alauddin Khilji.

Making a historical film during the year 1963 was really awesome. Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan acting is not at all comparable.


First watch the trailer of film Padmavati.


The trailer is awesome and also it is a big budget film. The story plot of both the movies is same but the latest Padmavati will be a visual treat to watch. Let’s hope there will be no changes or twist in the script.

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