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A New Villain for Superman | White Supremacist

DC and Marvel Comics

American comic books mostly takes on social issues, finding up to the minute material in contemporary public conflicts and debates Marvel Comics, for instance. They launched a brand new version of Spider-Man in 2011, creating a black Spider man, half-Hispanic. Back in 2016, DC Comics published a mini-series called ‘Superman’ American Alien In which, Kai-El (Superman’s real name) struggles to reconcile his extra earthly origins with his new life on the planet Earth. Superman is shown as an immigrant, who left his home planet Krypton when he was a baby and adopted by a couple in America. 


This time there is no planet destroying creatures from outer space  or billionaire evil geniuses villains. Superman, the DC Comics superhero, has a new mission protecting hardworking immigrants from White Supremacist bullies. In the latest released ‘DC Action Comics’ series which has published Superman’s adventures since 1938, the ‘Man of Steel’ intercede to stop an out of work factory worker as he is about to kill some immigrants. Wearing a blue uniform shirt and red-white and blue bandana the cartoon villain embodies all the cliches of the poor blue-collar American. Gun in hand, he threatens veiled women and rails at Hispanic workers accusing them of stealing his job. Just then Superman enters the scene, bullets bouncing oft his chest, to save the worker.

The inspiration

The passage echoes the recent violent protests by American right wing extremists. In August, a woman was run over and killed by a Nazi sympathizer after a violent “Unite the Right“ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

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