Microsoft's New X-Box One X Challenges Sony's Play Station | X-Box One X release date revealed 1 Behind History

Microsoft’s New X-Box One X Challenges Sony’s Play Station | X-Box One X release date revealed

Microsoft has launched Xbox One X and they say it is the most powerful video console in the gaming world and escalating a battle with Sony Play Station who is the current king in the market.

The $499 ($25,800) Xbox One X was built with the muscle for seamless play on ultra-high definition 4K televisions. Microsoft is planning to release this product world wide on November 7, said by Xbox team lead Phil Spencer. During the development stage the Xbox One X was called as Scorpio. On a event Microsoft introduced Xbox One X and showed off 42 upcoming games, with 22 titles being made for Xbox One consoles.

Independent publishers anticipate to make blockbuster titles available for play on Xbox, PlayStation and personal computer hardware in an effort to sell creations to as broad an audience as possible. Highly excited new games were introduced in the event which also include a new instalment of “Assassin’s Creed” from France based concern named Ubisoft, intended to reboot the long-running franchise by taking players back to the “origins” of the storyline in ancient Egypt.

Game play on 4K screens is expected to be among themes at E3 this week. Enabling ultra-rich visuals also tunes into the budding trend toward virtual reality games. PlayStation has become the prime driver of revenue at Japan-based entertainment giant Sony, according to executives. “We are selling every single one we can make,” Sony Interactive Entertainment worldwide studios chairman Shawn Lavden said of PS4.

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