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What do you mean by TRIPLE TALAQ?

What is Triple Talaq?

Talak means divorce. There are 3 types of talaq in muslim community. They are Ahsan, Hasan and Talaq-e-Biddat (triple or immediate talaq). Ahsan and Hasan are revoked or cancelled. Biddat — when a husband says the word talaq for 3 times then it is revokable or cannot be cancelled.


Biddat is sinful but it is permitted in Islamic law. There is an story about a real incident happened in Medinah. The first man asks whether the 2nd man has divorced his wife, the second man later replies that he has divorced about a 1000 times. After beating, Umar told the man “Triple Talaq is enough for you”.


The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) holds that for hanafis. Hanafis are also called Sunni Muslims, 90% of Muslims are Sunni’s in India. Triple Talaq is a matter of faith followed by muslims for more than 1,400 years.

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