Incredible History of Franceska Mann

Incredible History of Franceska Mann

Born as Franciszka Manheimer-Rosenberg and lived an incredible life from 4 February 1917 – 23 October 1943, better known as Franceska Mann, was a Polish ballerina who is said to have killed a Nazi guard while a prisoner at the Auschwitz concentration.

She arrived at Auschwitz from Bergen-Belsen with another 1,800 Jews. Franceska Mann belongs to a minor Jew group and they were tricked by German’s by telling her that they will give a passport so she could safely travel to South Africa. As a part of the trick Mann and her group were told that they were being taken to a transfer camp near Dresden, from which they would continue to Switzerland to be exchanged for German POWs (Prisoners of War). But the truth is they were being sent to Auschwitz to be gassed.


On their arrival they were assembled in the yard outside crematorium. The trick continued and they were told that this was the last stop before their departure to Switzerland. Everyone including Mann were taken to undressing room which was next to Gas chamber and ordered to undress for disinfecting.

Few members in the group undressed and hurried to the gas chamber. Mann and few other got suspicious and were doubtful to undress. Immediately, all the jews were marching towards their own death.

Suddenly, two officers named Walter Quackernack and Josef Schillinger were attracted by a young women with jet black hairs who was taking off her shoes. Mann started to undress slowly, using attractive dance moments. Then she removed her blouse, and leaned against a pole to remove her high heels.


As the guards go closer, Mann at that point got her shoe and push the heel savagely against either Quackernack’s or Schillinger’s forehead. As one of the guards took their administration pistol from its holster, Mann got it and fired two shots into Schillinger’s stomach.

Incredible history of Franceska Mann

Another record says that the shots filled in as a sign for different ladies to assault the SS guards; one SS man had his nose detached, and another was scalped.

The women were secured in the crematorium and fortifications were gathered and the camp leader, Rudolf Höss, accompanied different SS men conveying assault rifles and grenades.


Reports fluctuate regarding what exactly happned. Some state that the ladies were eliminated individually, made outside and effort, others state that the SS gunned down all the ladies there and afterward in the stripping room, while others state they were totally constrained inside the gas chamber and gassed to death.

However, the truth is that Josef Schillinger passed on of his injuries and all the ladies were killed.

Despite all the facts, it’s still unclear how she died exactly, what is known is that all the Jewish women involved were executed.



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