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History Behind this Day | Back to 20-Oct | Today in History

20th October is the 293rd day of the year (294th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. 72 days more to complete this year.

What happened in India on 20 October?

20-October-1752 – The grateful Wazir motivated the emperor to make Badan Singh the ‘Raja’ with the title of Mahendra, and Suraj Mal the ‘Mumar Bahadur’ with the title of Rajendra.

20-October-1774 – New Regulating Act was introduced which destroyed the East India Company Government and a new Government was formed.

20-October-1905 – Mohansing Mahir was born, a famous modern Punjabi poet.

20-October-1919 – Chaitanyabala Divatia was born in Ahmedabad, a great author from Gujarat.

20-October-1920 – Censor Board started displaying the number of reels as well as the length in feet on the Censor Certificate. This happened after watching and examining the film ‘Ahilya Uddhar’ on October 20. It is to be noted that the film had already been released earlier on August 23, 1919.

20-October-1947 – First battle between India and Pakistan.

20-October-1954 – Surendra Vithal Nayak “Suru Nayak”, cricketer (two Tests for India v England 1982), was born in Bombay.

20-October-1960 – Indian mountaineers reach the peak of Nanda Ghunti for the first time in the Kumaon Hills.

20-October-1961 – B. S. Guha, famous human scientist, died.

20-October-1962 – The first IAFunit No. 2 squadron re-equipped with the Gnat at Ambalan and No.9 squadron soon followed suit.

20-October-1962 – China mounted a massive attacked in N.E.E.F.A. and Ladakh borders. Chinese army pushed Indians back. The real test of IAF airlift capability came when open warfare erupted on the Sino-lndian border, while operating to the tricky helipads in the mountains, including the operation of C-119Gs from airstrips 17,000 ft (5180m) above sea level in the Karakoram Himalayas, and the air-lifting by An-12Bs of two troops of AMX-13 light tanks to Chushul in Ladakh, where the small airstrip was 15,000 ft (4570m) above sea level.

20-October-1963 – Navjot Singh Bhagwantsingh Sidhu, cricketer (Indian opening batsman), was born in Patiala.

20-October-1969 – Punjabrao Agriculture University established.

20-October-1981 – 21-month-old Left United Front Ministry led by E. K. Nayanar resigns in Kerala.

20-October-1989 – Pakistan win Sharjah Trophy over West Indies and India.

20-October-1990 – Andhra Pradesh Government announces a five-day week for all offices and educational institutions from November 01, 1990.

20-October-1990 – Kona Prabhakar Rao, former Governor of Maharashtra, died.

20-October-1991 – 6.1-7.1 earthquake in uttar Kashi and three northern districts of UP in the Himalayan foothills kills more than 1,600 people.

20-October-1991 – Manohar Phalke, famous union leader and MLA, died. Pandit Kalyandas Mahaprasad, famous Kathak dancer, died.

20-October-1992 – Nirad C. Chauduri, 94, was made honorary Commander of the British Empire., the Indian writer living in Oxford,

20-October-1997 – All India Hindu Conference begins at Hardwar.

20-October-1997 – Veerappan, the forest brigand, releases the six hostages after 12 days.

20-October-1998 – Security forces unearth 770 kg of RDX and plastic explosives in the Tangmay area of Baramulla district in Jammu and Kashmir.

20-October-1999 – Quiet start to the 13th Lok Sabha.

20-October-1999 – The Cabinet approves the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) Bill for introduction in the current session of Lok Sabha if time permits.

20-October-1999 – The Centre accepts the recommendations of the Backward Classes Commission on the inclusion of Jats and other backward classes (OBCs) in Rajasthan except Bharatpur and Dholpur districts.

20-October-2015 – Dussehra festival turns tragic in Amritsar as 61 crushed under train while celebrating.

History to be Continued …
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