Easy Natural way to prevent Hair fall

Best Hair fall treatment:

Simple steps and one of the easiest way to prevent hair fall or easy and no cost way to prevent hair fall.

Step: 1

Guava leaf is a powerful anti-antioxidant. It is very good for health also contains all kind of rich vitamins. It controls hair fall, strengthens the hair from its root. Guava leaf is rich in vitamin B complex and it stimulates hair growth, repairs damage skin and makes hair healthy.

Have a hand full of guava leaves, boil it with a 1 liter water for 20 minutes. Then filter the water and make the hair wet with the water.  Apply it in the scalp and massage it for 5 minutes then wash the hair with the warm boiled guava leaf water.  By doing this at least weekly twice of thrice you can prevent hair fall easily.

The leaves which you used for boiling the water, you can keep the leaves and grind it like a paste. Take a equal amount of olive and coconut oil heat it in the stove. When the oil start boiling add the guava paste, you can also add a spoon of fenugreek (mehthi), leave it for 5 minutes then you can turn off the stove.

Step: 2

You can store the oil in a bottle as soon as the oil cools. The bottle should be kept in sun light for 15-20 minutes every morning. After doing this a week you can filter the oil and start using it twice or thrice in a week. The oil should be applied in the root of the hair. You should massage it for 5 minutes while applying it. Keep it for 30 minutes and then take a bath. If you follow this your hairs will be shiny, soft and you can see a tremendous improvements in hair growth.

Take a equal amount of guava and henna leaf, make it as a fine paste and apply it to head. Wash it after 30 minutes. This will improve the thickness of the hair while it grows. These are the natural available nutrients for hair.

Another Way to Prevent Hair Fall:

You can also drink this ancient Chinese tea daily to regrow your hairs. This could be something new to you, you wouldn’t have tried this, but I’m sure this will give you best results in less than 8 weeks. If you are really interested in regrowing your hair then please click here to know more about this Chinese Tea.

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