Behind the History of Pen 1 Behind History

Behind the History of Pen

Behind the History of Pen

The pen which we are using in our daily life has a history as well. Ball pen, Fountain pen and Jel pen are few inventions, which has a huge importance in our day to day life. Many of us doesn’t know that there is history for Pen. John Loud registered the first patent of ball pen in early 1880’s. The pen has a rotating steel ball as the tip held in a socket. Loud intended that the pen invented by him will write on leather. However, the invention of John loud proved to be pointless. Unfortunately, it was a failure commercially.

In the second attempt of making Pen began again with the first fountain pen invented by Cross. The invention of fountain pen was more useful until ball pen was invented by Laszlo Jozsef Biro, a native of Budapest owns the patent of the ball pen. During the time the new ball pen invented by Laszlo was little different and attractive because this ball pen had a ink cartridge.

In early 1930s, Biro and his brother Georg began the experiment in inventing a pen that doesn’t needs to refill and will not smudge the pages. The concept revolved around a ball which was used on the tip of the pen as the ball will rotate the ink from the cartridge. On this invention he designed the pen in such a way that the pen will carry thicker and quick drying ink which will be stored inside the pen.

Lazlo Biro registered a patent to the pen in the year 1938. However, he wasn’t in the first inventor of pen but he was the successful inventor of a working design ball pen which was accepted by the universe. You may think this is the end of the story but it’s not.

In 1943, Biro brothers restarted the research and there intention is to get a worldwide recognition for there invention and financial support. Biro brothers moved to Argentina and discovered someone who willingly financed the Birome pen in not time, they started a factory to manufacture more pens in no time. They started advertising the pen which will even write under water. There were few demonstration in front of huge audience. The company started by Biro brothers soon became the leading manufacturers of ball pens.

The British soon found the quality of the pen and they bought the patent. Then the company was sold to BIC Corporation who started manufacturing and supplying pens to Royal Air Force as they considered that ball pen was more useful to pilots as they could write even in high pressure.

At a very low cost ball pens were introduced and created a hype in British market. The Biro company lost Henry Martin who took over the production of ball pen from Laszlo Biro. Martin made the ball pen an established name of Biro Swan in the market. However, all the credentials goes to Marcel Bich as he founded the company that manufactured his own patented ball pens. The perfection which we have in today’s ball pen are owed by Bich. Because of Marcel Bich the ball pen have established high on the international market.

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