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Behind History for September 9 - Today in History

Behind History for September 9 – Today in History

Behind History for September 9 – Today in History

1776 – United States of America was officially named by Congress (before it was United Colonies).

1791 – The Capital of Unites States Washington, D.C., is named after President George Washington.

1801 – Alexander I of Russia confirms the privileges of Baltic provinces.

1817 – Alexander Twilight, the first African American to gets graduation from US College, he finished his B.A., degree at Middlebury College.

1850 – California is admitted as the 31st state in United States of America.


1855 – Crimean War: The Siege of Sevastopol comes to an end when Russian forces abandon the city.

1863 – American Civil War: The Union Army enters Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1892 – Amalthea, third moon of Jupiter is discovered by Edward Emerson Barnard.

1914 – Fully mechanized unit in the British Army was created for the first time for World War – I.

1922 – The Greco-Turkish war effectively ends with Turkish victory over the Greeks in Smyrna.

1923 – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, inaugurates the Republican People’s Party.

1924 – Hanapepe massacre happens on Kauai, Hawaii.

1939 – World War II: The Battle of Hel starts, the longest-defended pocket of Polish Army resistance during the German invasion of Poland.


1939 – Burmese national hero U Ottama dies in prison after a hunger strike to protest Britain’s colonial government.

1940 – George Stibitz pioneers the first remote operation of a computer.

1940 – Treznea Massacre happens in Transylvania.

1942 – World War II: A Japanese float plane drops incendiary bombs on Oregon.

1943 – World War II: The Allies land at Salerno and Taranto, Italy.

1944 – World War II: The Fatherland Front takes power in Bulgaria through a military coup in the capital and armed rebellion in the country. A new pro-Soviet government is established.

1945 – Second Sino-Japanese War: The Empire of Japan formally surrenders to China.

1947 – First case of a computer bug being found: A moth lodges in a relay of a Harvard Mark II computer at Harvard University.

1948 – Kim II-sung declares the establishment of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

1956 – Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.


1965 – The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development is established.

1965 – Hurricane Betsy makes its second landfall near New Orleans and took the lives 76 people who were dead and $1.42 billion ($10–12 billion in 2005 dollars) in damages, becoming the first hurricane to cause over $1 billion in unrecoverable damage.

1966 –  The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act is signed into law by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

1969 – In Canada, the Official Languages Act comes into force, making French equal to English throughout the Federal government.

1970 – A British airliner is hijacked by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and flown to Dawson’s Field in Jordan.

1990 – Batticaloa massacre: Massacre of 184 Tamil civilians by the Srilankan Army in Batticaloa District.

1991 – Tajikistan declares independence from the Soviet Union.

1993 – Israeli–Palestinian peace process: The Palestine Liberation Organization officially recognizes Israel as a legitimate state.

2001 – Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance, is assassinated in Afghanistan by two al-Qaeda assassins who claimed to be Arab journalists wanting an interview.


2002 – The Rafiganj train wreck happened in Bihar, India.

2009 – The Dubai Metro, the first urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula, is ceremonially inaugurated.

2012 – The Indian space agency puts into orbit its heaviest foreign satellite yet, in a streak of 21 consecutive successful PSLV launches.

2012 – A wave of attacks kill more than 100 people and injure 350 others across Iraq.

2015 – Elizabeth II became the longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom.

2016 – The government of North Korea conducts its fifth and reportedly biggest nuclear test. World leaders condemn the act, with South Korea calling it “maniacal recklessness”.

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