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Behind History For December 30

1903 – A fire at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, Illinois kills at least 605.

1905 – Former Idaho Governor Frank Steunenberg is assassinated at the front gate of his home in Caldwell.

1906 – The All-India Muslim League is founded in Dacca, East Bengal, British India (later Dhaka, Bangladesh).

1916 – Russian mystic and advisor to the Tsar Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was murdered by a loyalist group led by Prince Felix Yusupov. His frozen, partially-trussed body was discovered in a Moscow river three days later.

1916 – The last coronation in Hungary is performed for King Charles IV and Queen Zita.

1922 – The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is formed.


1927 – The Ginza Line, the first subway line in Asia, opens in Tokyo, Japan.

1935 – The Italian Air Force bombs a Swedish Red Cross hospital during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War.

1936 – The United Auto Workers union stages its first sitdown strike.

1943 – Subhas Chandra Bose raises the flag of Indian independence at Port Blair.

1944 – King George II of Greece declares a regency, leaving the throne vacant.

1947 – Cold War: King Michael I of Romania is forced to abdicate by the Soviet Union-backed Communist government of Romania.

1958 – The Guatemalan Air Force sinks several Mexican fishing boats alleged to have breached maritime borders, killing three and sparking international tension.


1965 – Ferdinand Marcos becomes President of the Philippines.

1972 – Vietnam War: The United States halts heavy bombing of North Vietnam.

1993 – Israel establishes diplomatic relations with Vatican City and also upgrades to full diplomatic relations with Ireland.

1996 – Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel.

1997 – In the worst incident in Algeria’s insurgency, the Wilaya of Relizane massacres, 400 people from four villages are killed.

2000 – Rizal Day bombings: A series of bombs explode in various places in Metro Manila, Philippines within a period of a few hours, killing 22 and injuring about a hundred.

2004 – A fire in the República Cromagnon nightclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina kills 194.

2005 – Tropical Storm Zeta forms in the open Atlantic Ocean, tying the record for the latest tropical cyclone ever to form in the North Atlantic basin.


2006 – Madrid–Barajas Airport is bombed.

2006 – The Indonesian passenger ferry MV Senopati Nusantara sinks in a storm, resulting in at least 400 deaths.

2006 – Former President of Iraq Saddam Hussein is executed.

2009 – A segment of the Lanzhou–Zhengzhou–Changsha pipeline ruptures in Shaanxi, China, and approximately 150,000 l (40,000 US gal) of diesel oil flows down the Wei River before finally reaching the Yellow River.

2009 – A suicide bomber kills nine people at Forward Operating Base Chapman, a key facility of the Central Intelligence Agency in Afghanistan.

2013 – More than 100 people are killed when anti-government forces attack key buildings in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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