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Artificial Eggs Alert | Sold In-Stores

Manufacturing of Artificial Eggs:

No one could have expected that some people/companies would have manufacturing artificial eggs which is totally unbelievable.  Some sources say that the fake eggs are from China and has initially targeted Kerala and few stores has been selling it.  But there is no complaint lodged regarding this,  the health minister of Kerala has not received any complaints regarding this.

eggs1However, this will be taken as a serious issue and have the Food Safety Commissioner look into this said the minister. Sources from media says that this eggs are available in village near Tamil nadu and Kerala border. The cost of the production of artificial eggs are very low when compared to original. When we do a little more research on this artificial eggs we found that it has been 10 years that this news reached  Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and finally in India after a decade. 

Some sources says that to it will cost high to produce a single artificial egg. If this is true then no business will produce artificial eggs which is approximately to be sold around Rs.5.After analyzing we finally come to a conclusion that artificial eggs news are rumors.  When we go deep into this we can realize that to produce a artificial eggs it would need a factory, machinery, blueprint etc., and license has to be issued by the government. However, it is good to check eggs before we feed our children, below are the steps on how to check the fake eggs.


Real Egg vs Artificial Egg

eggsThe image on the left side shows the difference between genuine and fake eggs.  You can easily identify a fake egg when you touch it, it will make noise when you shake the eggs. When you fry a egg you can find a huge difference in it as you can see it in the image. Also there are some cheap ways to make a artificial eggs we can easily identify it in our first look as they are made locally with cheap chemicals. Now we have been moved to such a stage that we can’t even trust what we are eating.

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