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8 Out of 100 people has swine flu in Tamil Nadu

In Tamilnadu, 8 people out of 100 are affected by Swine flu and Dengue.

Due to the North-East monsoon rains in Tamilnadu, dengue and swine flu has increased. At least 10 people have died in the swine flu last week.

Over the past few days, 60 people have been admitted to hospital after a swine flu. There were 8 cases of swine flu in the hospital.

In Chennai, Kanchipuram, Coimbatore swine flu and dengue has increased. About 120 people have been admitted in Tirupur Government Hospital. There is also a separate ward to provide treatment for people with fever.

In this case, a circular has been sent to the government and private hospital on behalf of the pig’s dengue fever. “The swine flu and dengue victims should be allowed in a separate section of A, B, C. Allow people with flu, cough and mucus in A section. They can take adequate treatment and send them home. And they have to rest at home.

Subsequently, people can send home anxiety, body pain, nasal bleeding, throat pain, vomiting, and oseltamivir pills. You can take care of them at home.

Only those who have serious fever, respiratory and other symptoms should be hospitalized, “the report said.

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