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3 Creative Measures to Tackle Air Pollution

Creative Measures to Tackle Air Pollution:

Air pollution is one of the biggest enemy spoiling the environment. More than 5.5 million people worldwide are dying prematurely every year as a result of Air Pollution, according to a new research. Most of these deaths are occurring in the rapidly developing economies of China and India.

Recently, China has taken innovative measures to against the Air Pollution. Chinese capital Beijing launches environmental Police Force to tackle air pollution and they are called the smog police. This effort is to clean up its air and crack down on persistent polluters. The smog police will crack down on open air barbecues, garbage incineration, biomass burning and dust from roads.

Measures to tackle air pollution:


It may soung stange but in China, an artiste, Nut brother recycled air pollution, literally, by making a brick from air pollution. The 34-year old performance artiste from Shenzhen used dust he collected with his vacuum cleaner – wandering in the streets to pick up more by making a brick. The dust and smog that weighed about 100gm was then missed with clay to make brick.

Reducing Car Traffic in Urban Areas:

Several cities across the world have started making most of the thoroughfares car-free. Oslo recently declared it would become car-free by 2019. Milan, Dublin, Madrid and Brussels are also planning to transform mobility in their heritage zones.

Invisible Mask:

A start-up Infipure, has come with a “nose mask” that claims to cut 99% of PM 2.5 without the bulkiness of a surgical face mask. The disposable filters is made from non-toxic, latex-free material are inserted into the nostrils and claim to be undetectable.

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